Tibra Spotlight

This project features women of the Libyan community. It promotes the community basis of Tibra, intrinsically appealing to our readers by presenting female figures of various backgrounds, professions, ages, and accomplishments.

The Tibra Spotlight issues introduce women of accomplishment, endurance, or intrigue that would serve as good inspiring examples for future generations.

We look forward to featuring women of all ages and all walks of life. Tibra Spotlight is for women who are distinguished academically or professionally, as well as women who are talented in other areas, or have overcome difficult challenges, or have been actively committed to community service.

Please send your recommendations to team@tibra.org

In the Spotlights
July 2004
  Ibtisam BenAmer
February 2004
  Entisar Azouz
December 2003
Khadija Wawo
October 2003
Soad El-Rgaig
June 2003
Iya Khalil
February 2003
Amina Bayou
August 2002
Nahil Sharkasi
June 2002
Hamida bin Amer
April 2002
Fayruz Benyousef


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Nahil Sharkasi
Spotlight Writers
women and men of the community
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women and men of the community

Tibra, a woman's name in Libya, means gold nugget.

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