Thursday, July 05, 2007

2007 Tibra Awards: Results!

Dear friends,

With heartfelt pride and delight we bring you the results for the 2007 Tibra Awards. We hope you will enjoy reading, and learning, about the five exceptional nominees and the five judges of this year.

The nominees and the judges are genuine examples of the richness in the Libyan spectrum. With diverse backgrounds, ages, views, and aspirations, all of the participants successfully come together for the greater good, forming a positive portrayal of the community, for the community. It is truly an honor to hold a candle to this year's fantastic portrait.

Our sincere appreciation also goes to our friends behind the scenes: The nominators, financial contributors, and helpers. Your contribution is the fuel for the Tibra Foundation... Thank you!

The 2007 Tibra Awards Results

Have a wonderful summer!


Hana Naas
Managing Director

Friday, March 23, 2007

2007 Tibra Awards Update II

Dear Friends,

We are delighted by the response to our previous update. Thanks to all those who responded for their generosity, commitment, and confidence.

We have reached our financial target of $3,910. We also received an additional nomination, which brings the total number to five!

We have three committed judges, contacted six more and we are hopeful that we will fulfill the judging panel requirement this week and incur no further delays in the program.

The updated timeline for the 2007 Tibra Awards is as follows:

March 26: Nomination packages sent to the judges

April 16: Judges submit the rankings and reviews to Tibra Foundation

June 18: Results Announced!

Best wishes for a happy mother's day… Have a wonderful spring!

Hana Naas

Managing Director

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2007 Tibra Awards--Update

Tibra Scholarship: $2,000

Fijra Scholarship: $1,000

Hello, friends.

Through the six previous Tibra Awards rounds, the Libyan community was able to recognize and honor 30 outstanding girls and award $11,200 in scholarship funds. We are glad to inform you that we have received 4 nominations for this year. However, we are still short on committed judges and required funds.

Here is where we stand in the 2007 Tibra Awards:

  • Received: 0
  • Pledged: 0
  • Required: $878
  • Contacted: 9
  • Promised: 6
  • Committed:2
  • Target: 5
  • Promised: 5
  • Received: 4

***Nominations are no longer accepted***

We are $878 short of our target. We need to hear from you! Any amount you can afford to donate will be appreciated and well-spent.

Due to the low rate of response from potential judges, we will open participation--for the second year--to volunteers from outside the Libyan community. If you are a potential judge, please submit the requested information by email to

We look forward to receiving your contributions. If you need any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you!

Hana Naas

Managing Director

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Launching the 2007 Tibra Awards

Dear friends,

We are excited to announce launching the 2007 Tibra Awards. Through the Tibra Awards, and for six consecutive years, the Libyan community has recognized and awarded excellence and achievement in our young girls. Please join hands with us to make the seventh Tibra Awards round an even bigger success and recognize more of our young achievers and future leaders.

The awards:

  • Tibra Scholarship: $2,000
  • Fijra Scholarship: $1,000
  • Tibra Achievement Award: An honorary recognition
  • Target: At least 3 nominations in order to continue with the 2007 round
  • Received: None
  • Pledged: None
  • Deadline for nominations: 1 February 2007, 81 days to go!

  • Target: $3,910
  • Received: $3,032
  • Pledged: None
  • Needed: $878


  • Target: 5
  • Pledged: None
  • Comitted: None
  • Needed: 5

Lend a Hand:

  • Recommend potential nominees
  • Recommend potential judges
  • Reommend sources of donations
  • Volunteer as an English-Arabic translator or recommend a translator
  • Tell your friends and family about the Tibra Awards and encourage them to learn more about it through our site

Please find below useful links for more information about the program, the required forms, progress report, and Tibra’s financial summary.

Hana Naas

Managing Director

Tibra Foundation, PO Box 2344, Westerville, OH 43086

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fundraising Update

Dear Friends,

We hope you are having a blessed and peaceful Ramadan.

We are glad to inform you that in February 2006, Kamel Shrek has joined Tibra as the Fundraising Director. In May 27, he successfully organized Tibra's first fundraising event, Steak Plate Sale, that was held at Martin High School, Laredo, Texas. With the help of teachers, staff, parents and students, Kamel was able to sell 917 plates for total net donations of $2,932. Please scroll down to view pictures of the Plate Sale.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Adriana Guzman, Guillermo Pro, Rosa Villarreal, Judith Cardenas, Lupita Aguiar, Pablo Castillo, Roberto Ortiz, Brigido Perez, Jesus D. Sandoval, Rachel Mohammed,Melinda Gutierrez ,Coach Rene Ramirez, Coach Julio Cantu, Coach Carmen Gonzalez, and the Health and Science Magnet School students who made that fundraiser a success.

And special thanks go to Erika Botello, Veronica Herrera, Letty Gonzalez, Leslie Cruz, Brian Nyega, Luis Cantu, Cassandra Arredondo, David Monts, Maria Martinez, Rene Segovia, Yusef M. Benruwin,Cristina Guerra, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Juan Solis,Jesus Solis, and Maria Zamora.

The 2007 Tibra Awards will be launched in November. We are excited and look forward to more successes and more support and involvement from our broader community in general, and the Libyan community in particular.

Stay tuned for further updates and have a wonderful joyous Eid!

Hana Naas

Managing Director

Tibra Foundation, PO Box 2344, Westerville, OH 43086

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tibra Spotlight, July 2006

Dear Friends,

The question of identity preoccupies many Libyans, individually and collectively. Even though the identity question concerns both sides of the generational divide, the public discussion of the issue among Libyans abroad has been one-sided, in more ways than one: The discussion often reflects only the points of view of the immigrant-parent generation, and the standards presented are often applied unevenly across the gender divide. To develop a constructive dialogue on the issue, it is imperative to make room for all concerned parties and encourage them to take part.

In this issue of the Tibra Spotlight, Nura Askar describes very frankly her struggle of belonging and defining her identity--how she found balance and peace with who she is.

We hope this feature will enrich the ongoing dialogue between parents and their children, and help the two generations understand each other’s needs and realities. You are invited to comment on the subject, and we’d be glad to provide a channel for continuing the dialogue about this vital issue.

Nura Askar: Writing My Own Script


Hana Naas

Managing Director

Sunday, May 07, 2006

2006 Tibra Awards: RESULTS!

Hello, freinds.

We are honored to present this year's Tibras! Every single one of them is unique and valuable to our community in her own way. We encourage you to spend some time getting to know them through their writings--a small window on the thoughts, values, and minds of our youth. We are so proud of them!

We have successfully increased the Tibra Awards scholarship by 300% since its inception in 2001. Surely, it was a challenge to us and to our community, but together we lived to the challenge and met our goal. Hats off to the Tibra judges and Tibra's financial supporters--you made it happen!

The 2006 Tibra Awards was special in another way. This year's nominators are all young Libyan women. Hadeel, Nisma, Sarah, we thank you sincerely--you are an indication of Tibra's success.

Join the celebration.


Hana Naas

Managing Director