Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tibra Spotlight, July 2006

Dear Friends,

The question of identity preoccupies many Libyans, individually and collectively. Even though the identity question concerns both sides of the generational divide, the public discussion of the issue among Libyans abroad has been one-sided, in more ways than one: The discussion often reflects only the points of view of the immigrant-parent generation, and the standards presented are often applied unevenly across the gender divide. To develop a constructive dialogue on the issue, it is imperative to make room for all concerned parties and encourage them to take part.

In this issue of the Tibra Spotlight, Nura Askar describes very frankly her struggle of belonging and defining her identity--how she found balance and peace with who she is.

We hope this feature will enrich the ongoing dialogue between parents and their children, and help the two generations understand each other’s needs and realities. You are invited to comment on the subject, and we’d be glad to provide a channel for continuing the dialogue about this vital issue.

Nura Askar: Writing My Own Script


Hana Naas

Managing Director


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