Sunday, January 15, 2006

2006 Tibra Awards: Update

Hello friends.

Every Tibra Awards round has proved to be a success. Through the five previous rounds, the Libyan community was able to recognize and honor 27 outstanding girls and awarded $8,200 in scholarship funds.

With this record of success, we expect the response and participation level to be higher for every year. For our sixth round, participation is the lowest we have ever experienced since the inception of the program.

Here is where we stand in the 2006 Tibra Awards:

  • Received: 2 donations totaling $1,100
  • Pledged: None
  • Contacted: 9
  • Promised: 2
  • Committed: 1
  • Promised: None
  • Received: None

Deadline for nominations: 1 February 2006

With two weeks left to the deadline, we inform you that the Tibra Awards program will be cancelled in the abscence of nominations.

We are $1,100 short of our target. We need to hear from you! Any amount you can afford to donate will be appreciated and well-spent.

If you are a potential nominee or if you know one, we urge you to send in the nomination package before the February 1 deadline.

Due to the low rate of response from potential judges, we are accepting judge volunteers from outside the Libyan community. If you are interested or know one who is interested please contact us.

We look forward to receiving your contributions. If you need any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you.

Hana Naas

Tibra Foundation, PO Box 2344, Westerville, OH 43086


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