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Tibra Beacon: Education Counseling
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Tibra Beacon is an on-line education counseling for students and parents in the Libyan community. The goal of this project is to make valuable resources and expertise available for students and their parents to help them make informed decisions about college education. At the time being, the service covers college education in the United States of America. We hope to build onto that in the future and cover other regions of the world.

The Beacon team
Project Leader
Gamal Khalil
Azzam BenHmeda
Hana Naas
Educators and professionals of the community

Consultants are educators, experts and professionals in various fields and trades who will be providing their services on-line and free of charge.

Questions and answers of general relevance will be published in the FAQ section (coming soon).

We always have openings for volunteer positions; if you are interested in joining the Beacon's team as a consultant or a helper, please e-mail your resume and the area you are interested in.

Students, parents, volunteer consultants and general enquirers are encouraged to e-mail their questions.

Tibra Foundation thanks the Libyan Association of the Northwest (LANW), Seattle, Washington for providing some of the material

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