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What is the difference between a fellowship and a scholarship?
A fellowship typically refers to financial support for graduate study, travel or other opportunities that occurs after you have completed your bachelor’s degree. Scholarship is a term that frequently describes funding sources used for both college and post-graduate funding. The terms are relatively interchangeable, but you should remember to verify whether or not the funding is for undergraduate or graduate studies.

Is it worth applying for several fellowships in one year?
Yes, but you will need ample time and energy to produce strong applications for each program. Key to your success in submitting multiple applications is time management. In other words, PLAN AHEAD! If you do not have the time to submit multiple applications, carefully select the best program for your future endeavors and make every effort to create the strongest application possible.

A less-expensive alternative?
If you plan on working toward a bachelor’s degree, you might want to consider starting out at a two-year community college and then transferring to a four-year school. Community colleges are partially funded by local and state taxes and are therefore usually less expensive than four-year schools. You’ll want to make sure the courses you take during your first two years will transfer to the four-year school you want to attend and that they will count toward your bachelor’s degree. (Some four-year schools are also partially funded by local and state taxes and can also be less expensive.) You can also save money by living at home and commuting to your local community college.

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