Tibra Awards, 2005
Judges comments

"In over 20 years of academia, I have never seen such a bunch of outstanding young Libyan ladies. These four giants have dwarfed me, and my decision to place them in ranking does not reflect their inability to be high achievers. These four Girls are of immense knowledge and expereince to the extent that people will envy them."

"I have carefully read and re-read the four applicants nomination packages.  This was not an easy decision, but I am confident all will do well in their lifetime."

"It was a very encouraging experience to read the nominations and supporting documents of the four young women nominated for this year’s TIBRA awards.  It was also quite difficult to rank them because putting one first made the others seem less deserving and all of them are most definitely deserving of full awards."

"I could have written a page or two on each nominee. Thank you for asking me to be one of this year's judges -- it has been enlightening and pleasant experience to read about these fine young women, and thank you for this great organization -- I will be even happier to continue my support after reading about these outstanding girls and the previous awardees on your website."

"I was very impressed with the exceptional achievements of our young daughters. We all should be proud of every single one of them. Judging our 2005 Awards’ nominees was not an easy task. As far as I'm concerned, they are all winners... I can not thank the Tibra Team enough for this exceptional program. Your efforts are highly appreciated."

" Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in the selection of the TIBRA Awards.  Your organization portrays itself professionally and shows genuine concern for the welfare of the Libyan woman."

Tibra Scholarship recipient

Fijra Scholarship

The judges' rankings resulted in a tie for the Fijra Scholarship Award. Since donations exceeded the budgeted expectations, two Fijra Scholarships are awarded this year:


Tibra Achievement Award recipients

Fatimah Ben-Masaud

Nadia Mavrakis

Nisma Tekbali

Sarajamal Zubia

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