Tibra Awards, 2004
Judges comment on the nominees

"I was very impressed while reviewing the nomination packages with the excellent achievements and the great promise of our young 'Tibras.' They are indeed a source of pride and hope for our community abroad and back home."

"I found it very difficult to rank the nominees... They are all highly intelligent, caring, dedicated and involved young women who will all accomplish great things. That they represent Libya and the future of Libyan Americans makes me very proud. They are all remarkable in what they have already accomplished as high school students."

"When it comes to the SATs and achievement for each nominee I want to give every one of them first place. I am sure their families felt the same thing with all the surroundings and away from the home land. It shows to every one, Libyan girls and women are high achievers and compete on the highest levels with other girls and women."

"I have to admit that it was a difficult task to rank the candidates, as each of them has very impressive credentials and is special in her own way, with her unique personality and qualities."

"... thank you for this valuable award program. Your noble effort in this regard is indeed a source of inspiration and motivation for our young daughters and is vital to their success and to the preservation and growth of their cultural identity and its values."

Tibra Scholarship recipient

Fijra Scholarship recipient

Tibra Achievement Award recipients

Nada Bseikri

Ayah El-Meswari

Sarha Mavrakis

Sarah Misherghi

Rayan Mohamed

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