Tibra Awards, 2003
Judges comment on the nominees

"The essence of the awards is not competition but rather recognition."

"The nominees are truly radiant and exceptional."

"It was said that it takes a village to raise a child and in the absence of the village, one must recognize the efforts of the mothers and fathers in raising this promising generation of Libyan women."

"This elite group of girls unconditionally represent their hard working and dedicated families."

"Knowing the challenges that these girls face, I felt very happy with the level of attachment to the Islamic identity and the Libyan culture. I feel and hope that Libya will benefit from the efforts of these girls and many others like them."

"They (the nominees) are fine representatives of the new generation of Libyan woman."

"I consider them (nominees) all winners... I congratulate them all and thank them for being a good model for all young Libyan women."

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this, I enjoyed it, it was very educational to me too."

Tibra Scholarship recipient

Fijra Scholarship recipient

Tibra Achievement Award recipients

Yasmin Elhady

Houda Elyazgi

Haneen Habib

Zainab Jaber

Maryam Mohamed

Yasmine Shrek

Ishra Solieman

Olaa Tabuni

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