Tibra Awards 2002: pride in Libyan shining stars!
Judges comment on the nominees

"The list of nominees is indeed impressive... I believe that they are all winners. They seem to have accomplished quite a bit at this early stage of their young lives. Young women today face many challenges; some are new and some are not. In addition to the pressure of growing up that all young men and women face, Libyan and Libyan-American young women face the additional challenge of having to grow up and assimilate in this society with its set of values and norms and at the same time maintain a sense of their religion and cultural values that come from the land of their parents... In my eyes all these young women are worthy of the prize. I feel very proud of them and of their accomplishments."

"Each and every one has a strongly developed sense of community which is a joy to see. I feel comforted that we, as Libyans in America, will be represented in the future by these wonderful young women. They are a credit to their families. I feel so bad about ranking them and wish they could all receive the award."

"While I thank you for giving me the opportunity for evaluating "our kids", I must admit this was much harder than I thought it would be due to the quality of the candidates. While I have graded students work over the years, the candidates were so impressive that I felt it would have been more fair to give them more than two awards."

Tibra Scholarship recipient

Fijra Scholarship recipient

Tibra Achievement Award recipients

Aalaa Abuzaakouk

Omasad Addarrat

Sarrah Buageila

Rehab El-Buri

Lutfia Hnesh

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