Tibra Awards 2001: shining stars of the Libyan community!

Judges comment on the nominees

"... excellent pool of applicants for the first Tibra award..."

"Their parents are deservedly proud of them and they make us feel humble."

"These five young women are all so deserving that it is heartbreaking to have to make a choice. They are fine representatives of the new generation of Libyan woman, taking full advantage of the educational opportunities available without losing their cultural and moral values. It is very clear that each one of them will take the Libyan woman to a higher plane and I wish each of them could receive the award. "

"I am very impressed with the accomplishments of the group of young women who were nominated for scholarships."

"It gives me great pleasure to learn that our youth are excelling in education, and participating in their community activities. "

"... I am totally elated with this great group of nominees."

Tibra Scholarship recipient

Tibra Achievement Award goes to

Jazia Benomran

Sumaya Dakhil

Camiella Esaklul

Mabrookah Heneidi

Muna Sherif

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